Animations & Videos


Videos and animations can make your scientific presentations and websites stand out from the crowd! Contact me with your project details and I will send you a quote for the work.


Portland Institute for Computation Science Video
Animation for the website that tells the story of the
Portland Institute for Computational Science (PICS) logo.

GFP Story Animation
This animation tells the story of the discovery and history of the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP).
GPCR Signaling Pathway Animation
Drosophila Experiment Animation
What is Sound?
This educational animation describes what is sound
for an elementary school audience.

Simplified Science Publishing Animation
Animated GIF for digital marketing.
Kinesin Motor Movement (E0-E2) Animation
Hearing and Cochlear Trafficking Animation
Cochlear Trafficking Animation
Stria Vascularis Trafficking  PowerPoint Slides
Spinal Cord Transverse Section GIF
Trans-barrier Mechanisms Animation

The images in this portfolio are low resolution files. High resolution images are provided for clients and for those who contact me directly to acquire the images for personal or educational purposes.
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