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Creating figures in Illustrator or Photoshop can be a time-consuming and unwelcome task when you are busy writing grants, designing experiments, or managing a lab. Let me handle the figures for you! I have a passion for communication design and I can quickly transform graphs, images and complex datasets into engaging figures. Contact me with your project details for a quote!


Summary illustrations and figure graphics to improve audience engagement and understanding.
Microscope image data communication design by Simplified Science Publishing.


Improvements to images and figure layout for enhanced presentation design.
Powerpoint to Adobe Illustrator image by Simplified Science Publishing


Academic journals prefer and often require figures to be formatted in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
*For work on grants and manuscripts, I follow all ethical guidelines and formatting instructions that are outlined by the journal or institution.


Scientific Illustration - Brigande, Nature Biotechnology

Dr. John Brigande needed a scientific illustration for his Nature Biotechnology News and Views feature article. I created the illustration to showcase his fantastic insight into this rna-based hearing therapy. 
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Science Translational Medicine abstract.

Text and Data Graphics - Koo et al., Science Translational Medicine

With a publication deadline looming, Koo et al., needed to quickly alter the figure text to match the publication requirements for Science Translational Medicine. I edited the text and provided additional graphic design to showcase their microscopy images and graphs.
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Data visualization of genomic sequencing data by Simplified Science Publishing.

Data Graphics - Thiebes et al., Nature Communications

Depicting results from complex datasets, such as data from ChIP-Seq or deep sequencing genomics experiments, can be difficult. For my PhD research, I created simple, effective figures using our laboratory's ChIP-sequencing data from the UCSC Genome Browser.
Data visualization and data graphics by Simplified Science Publishing.

Data Graphics - Thiebes et al., Nature Communications

My PhD research and fantastic collaborations resulted in a publication in Nature Communications. I used my graphic design skills to highlight important concepts and to enhance the reader's understanding of our research.
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microRNA scientific illustration by Simplified Science Publishing.

Summary Illustration - microRNA

Overview of microRNA biogenesis and target mRNA regulation with illustrations of canonical and non-canonical microRNA "seed" region binding sites.
Motor neuron development scientific illustration by Simplified Science Publishing.

Summary Illustration - Motor Neuron Development

Schematic model of spinal cord motor neuron development. Along the rostrocaudal axis, the patterning of motor neuron subtypes (columns) is controlled by the spatiotemporal expression of homeobox (Hox) genes. Hox genes induce the expression of transcription factors in a column-specific manner.
Nervous system scientific illustration by Simplified Science Publishing.

Summary Illustration - Spinal Cord Neuron Development

Schematic model of transcription factor cross-repression in the ventral spinal cord during neurogenesis. The illustration represents the developing neural tube at mouse embryonic day 10.5 and chicken Hamburger Hamilton stage 18.

Strong visuals increase interest in publications, presentations and grants.
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*If you are a postdoc or a student, I require that the Principle Investigator who oversees your work be aware of my services and also sign the service agreement prior to working with your data.


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The images in this portfolio are low resolution files. High resolution images are provided for clients and for those who contact me directly to acquire the images for personal or educational purposes.
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