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Illustration, animation, presentation, and graphic design 

Illustration, animation, presentation, and data vector graphics symbols by Simplified Science Publishing.


Does my project inquiry have to be related to science?

Nope! I specialize in creating content for scientific research and education, but I am open to working on any illustration, animation, presentation or graphic design project.

I would like to collaborate on a project with you. How do we work together?
Contact me. Send me an email or use the project form to let me know about your project. If you provide enough information, I can give you a quick quote for the work.

If you are located in Portland, Oregon, we can schedule a free in-office consultation to discuss the project details. Please fill out the project form or email me information about the project before scheduling a consultation.

Click on the link below to download the project form:

Project Form

Or send me an email ( with the following information:

  • Specific Project Details:
    • Project format - 2D or 3D illustration, animation, data graphic, presentation slides or scientific figures.
    • Subject matter and whether you have specific ideas about product style and color.
    • Image or video size/length. (If you don't have a specific size in mind, that's okay!)
    • Target audience and intended uses for the project, such as a presentation, scientific journal or magazine publication, grant, poster, website, newsletter, ect.

  • Deadlines: How soon do you need the images, figures, animations, or presentation slides?
    • The timeline largely depends on whether a client provides prompt feedback. If my production schedule is open, I can return illustrations within hours and animations within 1-2 days. After you send me your project information, I will provide an estimated timeline.
    • If you have a tight presentation or publication deadline, I will accommodate a rush request if there is space in my production schedule.

  • Budget: Are you working with a specific budget?
    • I do my best to accommodate budget constraints and I can make recommendations to reduce a project's complexity that may allow me to work within your budget.

2. Project Proposal. After we discuss the needs of your project, I will deliver a project proposal that includes the project format, style, size, complexity, estimated timeline, and estimated cost.

3. Service Agreement. After you approve the proposal, I will send you a service agreement that outlines our work arrangement. Once I receive the signed agreement, I will begin work on your project!

*If you are associated with an academic institution and the work will be funded by a grant, a service agreement does not need to be signed and work will begin as soon as you approve the design format and price estimate.

4. Feedback and Modifications.
I will provide multiple drafts of the project for your approval and feedback. At each feedback checkpoint, I will wait for your approval before continuing with the work. I want you to be completely satisfied with the product and I will send you multiple sketches/storyboards and digital drafts throughout the process to make sure that my work is matching or exceeding your expectations.

5. Payment and Project Delivery. After you approve the final draft, I will send you the production-ready files and invoice.

*This list provides a typical work-flow for illustrations and animations. For academic figures, I recommend that we set up a shared Google Drive folder to upload your images, graphs, and other data for smooth incorporation into the figures.

Feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have about collaborating on a project!

Do you accept Purchase Order payments?
Yes! I am happy to work with your purchasing department to create a PO for the project invoice.

How much do your design services cost?
I strive to work within your budget and estimated price ranges are shown below. A quote will be provided after discussing the project details and I will clearly communicate the work that is required to transform your idea, data, or scientific concept into a striking visual design.

The estimated prices are based on my rate of $65 US dollars per hour and the wide range in prices is due to the varied complexity of each project. To keep track of the amount of time that I have worked on your project, you will be able to access an online time-tracking tool upon request.

For new clients, I offer a fixed price for a presentation design package that includes an illustration, animation, and animated PowerPoint or Keynote slide designs. See the Presentation Design webpage for details.

PRICE ESTIMATES (hourly rate):

Data Graphics & Presentation Design
PowerPoint or Keynote slide design: $50-200
Individual figures and data graphics: $50-200
Data graphics and formatting figures for an entire academic paper: $400-$800

Digital Illustration
2D illustration: $50 - $1000
3D model/illustration: $500 - $3000
*If the 3D illustration uses previously modeled content, then the estimated price range is $100 - $1000

Animation & Video
GIF animation: $50-500
Animation: $200 - $4000
*If the animation uses previously illustrated content, then the estimated price range is $100 - $2000
Video production (film & animation footage): $200-$6000

Marketing Graphic Design
Logo or Simple Graphic Design: $50 - $200
Brochure/Pamphlet Layout and Graphics: $100 - $800
Newsletter Layout and Graphics: $100 - $800
*Previously illustrated/modeled content includes illustrations or 3D models of cells, organs, or organisms that I created for the general use of my graphic design services. It also includes elements or illustration drafts that you may have already completed in Photoshop or Illustrator that you want improved or animated.

What forms of payment to do you accept?


After you receive an invoice, payments must be made within 30 days by PO, check or PayPal.

Who holds the copyright on the images or videos that you provide?
  • After I receive full payment, the rights are transferred to you. The signed services agreement stipulates that after payment, you hold the copyright on the completed work and you can use it for any purpose with the exception of resale (such as on stock image websites).
  • I reserve the right to use my work for the purpose of self-promotion.
  • Crediting me as "Karen Thiebes, PhD ( provided graphic design" is highly appreciated, but not mandatory.


  • The images, videos, text information and all material displayed on this site are copyrighted by their respectful owners and are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and may not be printed, saved or reproduced except for personal and educational use only.
  • Unauthorized commercial use is prohibited.
  • No part of this website may be published, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means without credit given to the respectful owner of such images, video, logo, text information and all material displayed.

Are graphic artists to allowed contribute to the graphs, images and figures used in academic grants and publications?
Yes! Graphic artists may be used as long as the work follows the ethical guidelines outlined by the grant institution or academic journal of interest. For each project, I follow all of the guidelines that are listed by the respective journal or institution and I maintain the highest standards of image integrity and ethical data representation.

If I use your services for an academic publication, do I need to add you as a co-author?
Nope! Crediting me in the acknowledgements as "Karen Thiebes, PhD ( provided graphic design" is highly appreciated, but not mandatory.

I am a student or postdoc who needs help formatting my data into figures using Photoshop or Illustrator. Can I hire you to format my figures and add data graphics?

I am happy to work with graduate students and postdocs to help make their data and figures publication-ready. However, I require that the service agreement signatures and all communication include the primary Principal Investigator who oversees the work.

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