Presentation Design


Creating posters and presentation slides can be a time-consuming and unwelcome task when you are busy writing grants, designing experiments, and managing a lab. Let me handle the poster and slide designs for you! I have a passion for science communication design and I can quickly create impressive illustrations, animations and videos.


Illustrations, animations, and slide designs for public or professional presentations.

Poster design template illustration by Simplified Science Publishing.


Custom illustrations and poster designs formatted in PowerPoint, Illustrator or Photoshop.


Animations and videos for presentations, publications and websites.


Eye anatomy

Eye Anatomy Illustration

Retina Anatomy

Retina Anatomy Illustration

Illustration of microRNA-218 function in the developing spinal cord.

Stria Vascularis Trafficking Illustration

Illustration of microRNA-218 function in the developing spinal cord.

Drosophila (Fruit Fly) Illustrations

Illustration of microRNA-218 function in the developing spinal cord.

Summary Illustration

Summary of my PhD dissertation research on the function of microRNA-218 in developing spinal cord motor neurons.
Illustrations of the cochlea and cochlear trafficking research experiments.

Illustrations for Presentation Experiment Slides

Illustrations of the cochlea and  experiment paradigm, and immunofluorescent data.


GFP Story Animation
This animation tells the story of the discovery and history of the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP).
Hearing and Cochlear Trafficking Animation
This animation describes Dr. Peter Steyger's research, how the inner ear works, and how ototoxic drugs can cross the blood-labyrinth barrier.
Kinesin Motor Movement (E0-E2) Animation
Drosophila Experiment Animation
Cochlear Trafficking Animation
Stria Vascularis Trafficking  PowerPoint Slides
Spinal Cord Transverse Section GIF
Trans-barrier Mechanisms Animation

The images in this portfolio are low resolution files. High resolution images are provided for clients and for those who contact me directly to acquire the images for personal or educational purposes.
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