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ABOUT ME - Karen Thiebes, PhD      

Hello! I am a scientist and digital designer who specializes in graphic design and writing for science research and education.

While I was working toward my PhD in Neuroscience, I discovered my passion for translating scientific concepts into engaging figures, publications, illustrations, animations, and presentations. This lead me to start my own science communication company and my work includes figures that have been published in Nature Communications and Science Translational Medicine.

My extensive research background and design portfolio make me uniquely qualified to communicate scientific or medical information to both professional and public audiences.

Engaging content can make your grants, publications, presentations, websites, and newsletters stand out from the crowd. Contact me at karen.thiebes@gmail.com to collaborate!

*Thiebes is pronounced "Tee-bis"

“Karen has a unique combination of skills,” he said. “She speaks the language of a working scientist and the language of an artist. She helps me decide the main points I want to convey. She offers novel suggestions. And her work is lovely.” - Dr. John Brigande, OHSU
~ Bridges OHSU Alumni Magazine, Spring 2016 ~

Link to Bridges OHSU Magazine


  • Technical Writing - writing and editing services for figures, grants, publications, presentations, and websites.
  • Presentations - illustration, animation, text and slide design for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.
  • Animations - animations and videos about research topics for websites and presentations.
  • Data Graphics - raw data transformations into graphs, charts, tables, and plots, as well as supplemental or summary illustrations for academic grants, publications, and presentations.
  • Image Editing - enhancement and cropping of scientific or medical images that follow strict scientific journal guidelines for ethical image editing.
  • Figure Design - graphic design for images, graphs, plots and other data for academic grants, publications, and presentations using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • Poster Design - graphic design for images, graphs, plots and other data for academic posters using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or PowerPoint.

  • Copy Writing - engaging content for collateral, websites and social media.
  • Web Design - website UX/UI design, graphic design, video production and SEO management.
  • Logo Design - for use in print, t-shirts, mugs or online media.
  • Infographics - for use in print or online media.
  • Newsletter Layouts - for use in print or online media.
  • Collateral Design - business cards, brochures, flyers etc. for use in print or online media.


  • GIFs- animation or film GIFs for websites, advertisements and social media platforms.
  • Animation & Video - complex or simple videos that incorporate animations and film for use in websites, social media, presentations, publications, class materials, educational videos or advertisements.


  • Academic – for use in grants, publications, presentations, posters, websites or class materials.
  • Editorial – for use in books, textbooks, health references, medical guides, newsletters, magazines, journals, newspapers or online media platforms. 
  • Medical – for use in medical educational materials or in the promotion of a drug, service or medical device.

Scientific illustration of a developing chicken embryo.

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